I Use IsoHunt PRO to Get Old Abandonware Games

I like to play a lot of abandonware games. Those are games that are no longer sold or supported by the manufacturer. They usually only run on older computers, and they are a hobby of mine. There are some games that you can still buy old versions of, but the ones I like have long been out of release. That is why I search around on http://isohuntpro.org. There usually is someone out there who has the really old games I read about and want to play.

In the stores I have found these tiny self-contained game consoles that are preprogrammed with different old games. They are the old arcade style ones that I used to play as a kid. The games I like are the old computer games that were based on a theme or were role playing games. Not the newest versions of some of the games that are still in production, but the old original releases. Some of these files are big files and take a long time to download on slower peer-to-peer networks. The http://isohuntpro.org website offers seven megabits per second download speeds.

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