I Have Made a Green Choice

I was not always considered green. When I first moved, I know I must have horrified my new neighbors with my actions. I did not recycle, and I drove an SUV that was a gas guzzler. We became best friends anyway, and they are the ones that helped me realize that being green is really the only way to ensure that our children will grow up in a clean environment. They told me that this even applies to my electricity service. They told me that I need to consider more than just the texas electric rates that the various companies offer.

While the lowest price is always nice to take advantage of, it is not always the wisest or best choice. They showed me a website where I was able to put my information in to get a comparison chart of the different companies that service our area. I was still getting used to being able to choose my own electric company, and it still amazed me that there were so many available ones to choose from. They showed how the prices vary, but the benefits do too. I had never looked at any feature other than the actual cost of the service, so they really educated me on electric providers too.

I saw that some providers were extremely green, and others barely did anything to give back to not only the earth but our community as well. I spent a lot of time researching the different companies, and I knew that I was going to switch to a company that truly cares about our planet. I admit that I have changed a lot since moving here, but I would not change a thing about it. I love having a choice, and I have made mine. I am going green all the way.

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