Getting to Know a Neighbor the Day We Moved

Moving day and no help. I have helped a half dozen friends or more move over the years. I have taken days off from work to be there on moving day for friends. When my wife and I were moving us and the kids, no one was available that day. Not one person I know would step up and take a day off to help. I think more than just us have been in that situation. It’s not like I could just pick another day. Since no one was helping, I looked for budget truck rental discount codes to get a big truck to move our stuff.

I wanted to rent a truck big enough to get it done in one trip. We boxed up everything we could. We have already taken several carloads of stuff over to the new house. The big day was loading up every big and little thing left at the old place. I did not want to have to make several trips, nor did I want to have to unload stuff when we got to the new place about an hour away. I wanted to just back the big truck in the driveway, unload a couple of necessities for the night and just go to bed. That way we could start fresh the next day and unload the moving truck.

I rented the big moving truck early in the morning on moving day. I used the budget truck rental discount codes to get a great deal. My wife and our kids had a bunch of boxes and some furniture already in the driveway and on the porch by the time I got back with the truck. A neighbor I never saw too much came over and helped when he saw me struggling to get a big dresser up the ramp. He spent the rest of the morning helping us. He works moving families across the country and has huge muscles. He loaded the truck so fast and efficiently we were done before I even realized it. I was very grateful for the help. He said he wished he was home more often to have gotten to know us better. I wished that too.

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