Getting Started on the House

Jack and I got busy today on the house, although we could not really do some of the stuff that we had planned. The guy from TXU energy was supposed to turn the power back on early that morning, but they had a really bad storm up to the North and it threw that plan completely off the rails. We figured as much and tried to get to work on the things we did not need power tools for, or at least the ones where we did not have to corded power tools. In fact this house has been sitting vacant for quite a bit of time and it was hit by some fairly significant storm damage itself. I love the location, although it is going to be a bit of a pain if I working on the wrong side of the city.

This place is out towards the Gulf coast about ten or fifteen miles South of Galveston Bay. It is not that far from Corpus, but it is a fair little drive there and from what the neighbor was saying he would often drive to Galveston if he needed some things, as it is easier to get in and out of than going towards Houston. That is where the road takes you the easiest though. I am definitely going to be storm proofing the place and I made a little survey of the area. My concern was that it might sit a bit too close to sea level if things got to be really bad in a bad hurricane. Of course if there is a big Cat 5 hurricane like Katrina I am going to run away and go stay with my Mom and Dad a lot further from the Gulf of Mexico than this place is sited.

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