Genetics, Eating Right, Exercise and Supplements Keep Me Looking Young

Isn’t everyone looking to stay as young looking as possible for the longest amount of time? However, most of us do things in balance. If our hair begins to gray, we color it. If it starts to fall out, we try to minimize, replace or conceal it. If wrinkles come, we do Botox or use fancy creams. Saggy skin gets a surgical lift. Food, exercise and supplements are used to help boost things that are waning or lacking. Some believe boosting their human growth hormone (HGH) amount will help. They may choose to use something such as GenF20 Plus.

For me I have found that diet and exercise play the next biggest role alongside the genetics you have been given when it comes to looking your best as you age. Feeling your best counts too. A trim and muscular body that hurts all the time or cannot do things just holds you back. You need the vigor to go with the look. HGH is associated by some with youthfulness, but it is not something you would want to inject yourself with. Using a supplement to boost your own natural production of the hormone is different.

I like to do young things such as running, water skiing, rock climbing and dancing. However, I do not want to be seen as an old man who is still participating in these things. I just want to be seen as a man who likes doing these things. I keep my self in shape, and I pay attention to the things of my body that begin to date me to an era. I am not past my prime, so I choose to not look like I am. I do need the glasses to see things close up, and there is nothing much I can do about that. However, I can work to stave off saggy skin and loss of muscle mass by eating right, exercising and using supplements that actually do produce measurable results.

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