Following a Link to Get Lower High Speed Internet Service Prices Paid off

When I got the bill for our satellite Internet service last month I could not resist following a link that told me to click here for the best prices on high speed broadband Internet. I was a bit amazed at the amount of data the kids burned through in a month’s time. When you have Internet service through satellite providers, it can get expensive. It is nothing like the low prices you pay for DSL or cable Internet. I think it can end up costing you more than the fiber optic service offered by the phone company people.

I was glad to see bundled Internet service options for people on a budget. My kids could get all the data they wanted to burn through in a month, and my wife and I could get a bill we could live with. The satellite type of Internet can charge you more when you go over a certain data usage limit. Cable can too, but their limits are way higher. I’m talking 350 gigabytes a month for some cable companies. That is a whole lot more than what we were getting. The kids would use up all the data in a week’s time just watching silly Internet videos that stream.

When I have to bring my work home when I am telecommuting, I can use more data than the kids do with our Internet service. My wife telecommutes too but her job is not as data intensive as mine. I work with images and video, and that hogs up a lot of bandwidth in a short amount of time. That last big Internet bill was our last one with the old provider. Following the click here link got us a lot faster Internet service with a lot more liberal amount of data to go through at a lower price.

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