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I had a dream last night, and then the next day, something uncanny happened. I was dreaming about driving a car, and that the car started to accelerate without any input being applied to the gas pedal. The very next day, I was driving my car, and the drive light started flashing when the car was in park, and also in reverse. I want to get mypsychicadvice done by a psychic to try to learn more about this dream, and to see if it is trying to tell me something.

I really think that the universe is trying to send me a sign, and that I could get in a car accident, or something similar, if I do not take proper actions. Maybe I shouldn’t drive for awhile. That isn’t really feasible, because I am going to need to get to work. If I have this same dream again, or one similar, then I will be convinced that something is going on. But I do not want to wait to see if that will happen. Rather, I am going to take action, and try to get into contact with a psychic today.

The sooner the better, because my mind is really not at ease currently. I am hoping that I will be able to find a solution soon, and some answers. I am really concerned about the flashing light. That seems like it is definitely a sign, and a very strong one. I have always been afraid of getting into a car accident, maybe that is my fate. I wonder if you can do anything to change fate, or if the future can be altered. I have always considered such things, and I am not really sure how I feel about my chances of doing so. I guess I will have to give it a shot though.

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