Absolutely Essential in This Dangerous City

I contacted ADT in Seattle because I frankly don’t feel safe living in this city anymore. My wife and our young son don’t feel that safe either, especially after they both almost got carjacked a few months ago. As someone who was born and have lived my whole life in Seattle, it pains me to have to admit that this city is in serious decline. Have you heard about our homeless problem? Probably you have, but if you’re not here you have no idea exactly how bad the problem has become. It’s off the charts and crime has skyrocketed because of it.

I saw my neighbor putting in an alarm system and went over to talk to him about it. It turns out someone broke into his garage and stole a lot of valuable items he had stored in there. He got off easy, he said, because it could have been worse considering his pregnant wife was inside taking a nap when the crime occurred. He didn’t even want to think about what could have happened had the criminals went inside looking for more stuff to steal. His little story was all the incentive I needed to call the same company.

We hashed out a plan of services that fit our home pretty well and they sent a guy out to install it. I talked to the installer about the service and his job and he said they can’t keep up with all the calls. He said they’ve never seen so much business in this city before, and he’s worked at the company for years. Most of the crimes are committed by these homeless people and it’s just terrifying everybody so much that they’re doing whatever they can to protect their loved ones and their property. I know I already feel a lot safer with that system in place.

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