A New Way of Experiencing Television

Cable TV Providers are doing everything that they can to ruin the Internet thanks to the small fact that they are more than not often Internet Service Providers as well. To me, this is a clear conflict of interest that somehow doesn’t come into the equation whenever the FCC considers the idea of mergers, especially like the one that is on the table right now between Comcast and Time Warner. And yet, there is an issue here that should be addressed. As a business model, they cannot function like this for much longer as they are no longer improving their technology.

They haven’t updated anything in years except for the introduction to DVR. Even ‘On Demand’ is nothing but a glorified Pay-Per-View. And yet we are living in a time where the demand for micro payments are and micro services are becoming ever more popular which is why devices such as Apple TV, Roku and our gaming consoles are becoming increasingly more popular. People want to be able to watch what they want to watch without having to pay for entire packages which can be incredibly over priced. If I want to just watch game of Thrones, I don’t want to have to pay for an entire subscription!

It’s a new era for technology. It’s becoming increasingly mobile and increasingly more complicated. The Internet is giving us more and more entertainment every day; even services like YouTube are changing their models to allow for production studios to create broadcasting, unique channels which offer micro-like shows. I’ve been watching them more lately and even if it they only cost me a dollar or two a month to subscribe to them, I totally would. I hope that cable companies pick up on technology that YouTube is introducing and change their business models to reflect it.

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