Thomas E. Woods, Jr.

American historian; Senior Fellow Ludwig von Mises Institute; NY Times bestselling author including Meltdown A Free-Market Look at Why the Stock Market Collapsed.

Imagine having a real person, instead of a bought-and-paid-for drone, as a U.S. congressman. Patrick Henry Sellers believes in the traditional American principles that alone can bring America back from the brink.

James Compton III

CMDR USN (ret.) – Coordinator, National Veterans Committee on Constitutional Affairs.

We really need more folks like Patrick running for office.

William E. Faust

Former PA Field Director, Ron Paul Presidential Campaign 2008.

I know Patrick Henry Sellers well and I can tell you that he has the right stuff. He can be counted on to defend liberty, sound money and free markets. I urge all Pennsylvanians who share his values to join residents of the 6th Congressional District in backing his candidacy.

Lynda Macaleer

Founder, West Chester TEA Party

I have decided that from now on I will only support someone whose platform is constitutionally valid. I urge all of you to explore the constitutionality of the policies of the candidate of your choice. The candidate of my choice is Pat Sellers.

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